Why this litigator became a mediator:

Let’s face it, I originally loved the thrill of going to court, the court staff, the judges, the stately rooms that demand decorum and respect, and most of all the coveted “win”.  However, after a while I noticed a pattern, winning was really not #winning in family court. Each side was essentially told by a judge, often just meeting the parents for the first time, what the state deemed was in their best interest.

Common phrases from clients were, “It’s not fair”, “But, I’m a good parent”, “I’m doing my best”, “Why can’t the judge see this outcome will not work for me?” Often in family court, one side or the other is unable to afford an attorney, and the scales of justice never quite balance, no matter how hard each side fought. Eventually, I would go home each night feeling empty and disenchanted with the court system.

It became clear to me that families do not belong in court! Fast forward a few years, after having a family and children of my own, I realized there must be a better way. The mediation process is a not a new concept but it is brilliant: no fighting, arguing, AND it’s affordable! Transitioning from a litigator to a mediator has been one of the most rewarding career choices I have made.  Very proud to say that I mediate 100% of my cases, and truly honored to help families divorce peacefully, amicably and with respect.

If you would like more information about whether a healthy divorce or custody would be right for you, contact me at: Dawn@ClementMediation.com .

Dawn Clement, Attorney & Mediator


Why this litigator became a mediator: