Three Simple Steps for a Healthy Divorce

Looking for a healthy and respectful divorce? Mediation can be a simple, cost effective 3 step process:


We meet for one or more mediation sessions to discuss important topics, such as the family home, bank accounts, vehicles and children. We simply gather around a table and have a conversation about the topics that are meaningful to you and your family. Your job is to talk to each other with the help of a neutral mediator and make decisions for you and your family.


Together, you will decide the circumstances and details of your divorce. You are able to make your own decisions based on terms that are fair to you.  Your interests are equally considered during the process and you are empowered to make decisions in the best interest of you and your family.  The terms of your agreement are then drafted, edited and finalized.


When you have reached a mutually satisfying agreement and you both are ready, the divorce can be filed. By mediating the terms of your agreement and working together through the process with the help of a mediator, your divorce can be a simple, healthy and respectful one!

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Dawn Clement
Attorney & Mediator





Three Simple Steps for a Healthy Divorce