Tips on Finding a Divorce Mediator

Divorce mediators are professionals that help families resolve conflict and can help you navigate the divorce or custody process peacefully. Using a mediator is a great alternative to litigation, and can help you resolve your legal issues without going to court. There are a few ways to find a mediator to help you with your separation, divorce or custody issues.

When searching for a mediator, start by asking your family and friends for a referral. A good recommendation from someone you trust is a great way to find a mediator.  Ask how the process worked for them and about the mediator’s style and fees.

An attorney or other professional may be able to guide you in the right direction. For example, an attorney, accountant, financial planner or real estate agent may recommend a mediator that he or she has worked with in the past and trusts to help their clients to move forward with the process.

Using mediator referral websites such as the Academy of Professional Family Mediators,,, or the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators are also wonderful resources to help you find a professional mediator in your area.

Mediation should be easy and affordable, look for professionals that offer flat fees or unbundled fees and always ask for an estimate up front, so that there are no expensive surprises for you and your family.  Ask for a consultation so that you both have an opportunity to meet your mediator and get information about his or her mediation process and how long it typically takes to mediate situations similar to yours.

Finding an experienced, professional mediator can help you and your family move forward in a peaceful, affordable, amicable manner and with respect. If you would like more information about whether a healthy divorce or custody mediation would be right for you, please contact me at:

Tips on Finding a Divorce Mediator

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